Eliška Křenková


Studied dance and choreography at Duncan centre dance conservatory and  acting at the University of Dramatic Arts in Prague.
Eliška has been an actress of leading roles in Czech republic for past eight years. Most of her films were presented at A list film festivals such as Palm springs international film festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, San Sebastian IFF, Toronto IFF etc.

She was awarded with Czech Lion film award as the Best Actress in Supporting role in Olmo Omerz’s film Winter flies. She is nominated for Czech lion as The Actress in the leading role for in We have never been modern film (dir. By Matěj Chlupáček).


She was also nominated for Czech Lion (2020) as  The Best actress in a Leading role in A Certain kind of silence film (directed by Michal Hogenauer)


Two nominations for the Czech Lion (2022) in the categories Best Actress in a Leading Role in the film Two Ships (directed by Jan Foukal) and The Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the film Bird Atlas (directed by Olmo Omerzu) in. Eliška also has two nominations for Czech film critics award.

Her foreign roles were in the TV Show Borgia and the Chinese feature film The Great Detective, Netflix series Haunted or short film Anna, from her local roles, she is best known for her roles in TV Shows Wasteland or Vyprávěj or in films Winter flies, A Certain kind of silence, Non-stop deli  and others. She shines on stage in the main role of Viktor Tauš’s American Chick and at The summer Shakespeare festival in The Tempest play as Miranda.

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